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Lack of transparency is unquestionably one of the most common problems of a modern CBD company. The majority of companies just want to sell their products and be done with it. The flow of information in the CBD market is very poor. Only a handful of suppliers actually care enough to inform customers about their products and be honest about the smaller aspects that go into making their products. KOI CBD is one of those few sellers that implements total transparency.
In a nutshell, no information about the product is held back. But that is not all! Aside from total transparency, KOI CBD also prides itself on offering some of the finest quality cannabidiol products in the market. They proudly claim all their products are tested for consistency, safety, and purity through genuine third-party lab tests. KOI CBD also says their hemp plants are 100% natural and organic grown only by the country's top-rated and certified growers.
KOI CBD also offers a generous collection of cannabidiol products ranging from CBD tinctures to CBD vapes and CBD inhalers. Their CBD products also do not contain any harmful flavoring additives. The company claims they implement their proprietary PRIZM whole-plant extraction procedure to ensure the best quality of CBD.

Our Rating For The Company


It’s all well and good, but what about KOI CBD oil pricing? You will be glad to hear that KOI CBD price is rather on par with other companies. They are not exactly inexpensive but are also not very pricy as well. If you have any former experience shopping for CBD products, the price tag should be more or less familiar.

However, the company offers a plethora of discount programs that can help cut down some costs. The veteran program offers an instant 25% discount on all KOI CBD products for veterans on every order they place. Lastly, you can earn reward points on every purchase and redeem them later for additional discounts.


KOI CBD Vape Juice

KOI CBD offers a diverse pool of cannabidiol products. However, the product that makes them a standout is their line of unique and decent CBD vape juice. Unlike other normal CBD vape products, KOI vape juice claims it is multifunctional. What this means is that you can either use them for normal vaping or take them orally as well.

KOI CBD vape juice comes in two variations – unflavoured and flavored. The flavored vape juice comes in six different savory options. KOI CBD vape juice boats of some unique entries like Blue Raspberry Dragon fruit and Tropical Popsicle. KOI also offers some utility vape equipment like their KOI stick and KOI pods.


KOI Vape Juice

If you’re looking for more than just CBD vape juice, worry not! Aside from their premium line of vape juice, KOI CBD also offers a broad array of cannabidiol products. KOI’s line of CBD includes gummies, softgels, tinctures, balms, gels, and inhalers. Besides, KOI CBD also features a separate category for skincare and pet CBD products.

So, irrespective of what you are looking for, there’s a good chance you can find it with KOI CBD.  It is also worth noting that all KOI CBD products claim to come with a very convincing purity score of 99%.  You can order KOI CBD vape juice, knowing you’re getting a genuine and quality product. You may also like Kangaroo CBD or Kannaway.


Buy KOI CBD oil

Are you ready to buy KOI CBD oil products? You will be delighted to know that you can easily purchase KOI CBD directly from their website or other third party merchants like CBDLlama. You could also try looking for them on local outlet wellness and smoke shops. But it is usually easier and far more convenient to purchase KOI CBD from online retailers.

Online CBD stores offer you a broad selection of CBD products under one roof. You do not have to jump from one shop to another. Simply search for what you need and place your order with a few clicks. The next thing you know, your CBD product will be at your doorstep – easy and straightforward!

Besides, you may also find the right KOI CBD coupon code to help you save some extra cash for a rainy day.


KOI CBD Review

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned CBD user, you should always read reviews of a company and its associated products before buying them. Some companies may look really impressive on papers, but their reputation may be underwhelming. Besides, it is vital to analyze if the CBD product you plan on buying is lab-tested for purity and quality consistency. Only after a company ticks all such boxes can you buy their products with your mind at ease.

After considering all the above factors, our KOI CBD review is that they are a decent and reliable company. Their commitment to delivering market-best and purest cannabidiol products along with their unparalleled transparency, makes them a standout.




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