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Irie CBD

Irie is a CBD manufacturing company that started in 2015 in San Diego under the parent organization Freedom Leaf. Irie CBD is available in pet tinctures, tinctures, and topicals. The company claims that its CBD products may be ideal for people who wish to quit smoking and lead a healthier lifestyle. Irie CBD products contain the raw oil extracted from industrial hemp plants. This extract, they say, is the most potent form of CBD oil and very popular due to its phytonutrient contents. Irie legally manufactures and retails its product adhering to the 2018 Farm Bill of maintaining a maximum .3% THC in their CBD products.

Our Rating For The Company


IrieCBD claims that its tinctures contain nutritional and herbal ingredients to deliver the full effects of the products. IrieCBD also offers full-spectrum cream that may treat pain and a skincare line for all types of skin. Irie claims to follow a natural approach to isolate and localize its CBD products. To attract more customers, the company offers its products at reasonable rates. Yes, the Irie CBD pricing is quite attractive and the products just might be the ones you are looking for to relive stress and anxiety! So, if you are looking to purchase Irie CBD products, you can visit a CBD store or visit a reliable website like CBDLlama!




Irie Hemp

Irie Hemp contains hemp that is organically grown with no-GMO and uses a supercritical CO2 extraction method, they say. Their extraction technique offers a well-balanced, terpene, and phytonutrient-rich hemp oil. Irie Hemp claims that they have some of the most fascinating, unique products. They claim that their CBD edibles, topicals, and capsules do not contain artificial or chemical additives. The company strives to help people by offering education on CBD and making reliable products available for all. They operate with a holistic ethos and philanthropic mindset by providing information on the possible healing and natural benefits of CBD.




Irie Hemp Company

The team at Irie has been in the CBD industry for a long time and claims that they produce CBD products from legal hemp oil. For consumers’ safety, all its CBD products are lab tested. Irie Hemp Company believes in doing justice to its origin and giving back to the community. For every purchase, you can nominate someone who will get a free product on their purchases. Irie Hemp Company also commits to donating free goods to medical practitioners and gives 15% discounts. You can find the list of CBD products by going to CBDLlama and get an Irie Hemp coupon on your next order!




Irie CBD Tincture

Irie CBD Tincture blend comes in variations of pet CBD and CBD marketed for humans. Irie CBD Tinctures are extracts of active ingredients mixed with grapeseed oil, hemp seed oil, and other base oils. Pain 250 tincture is a rich anti-inflammatory compound with full-spectrum hemp extract. Irie claims that its CBD tinctures may be one of the most effective forms of herbal medicines. The tinctures are specifically for oral consumption and have a quick response on the body. CBD tinctures are 100% legal and come with less than .3% THC.



Irie CBD Calm

Irie CBD Calm may offer all the benefits of using CBD for your pets as on humans. These products offer premium quality with strict lab testing, and it is a non-psychoactive CBD. Irie CBD Calm is a natural product which may help your pet deal with anxiety, regulate appetite, painful sensation, mood, immune system, memory, and inflammation. The company claims that Irie CBD Calm may also be able to bring a balance in the body. You may also like Hemp Bombs or Hempfusion.




Irie CBD Reviews

Deciding on which CBD brand to opt for can be confusing, especially with the growing number of companies claiming to offer the most effective products. To clarify any confusion you might have, it is best to check through the customers’ reviews. Irrespective of whether the reviews are good or bad, they can be equally informative. In the Irie CBD reviews, you will find customers’ claims regarding which products they found beneficial after using. The Irie CBD reviews can also help clear your doubts if you have any. We believe that Irie is a noteworthy company that may be able to produce effective CBD products. So, what are you waiting around for? Go ahead and order your Irie CBD products by going to CBDLlama!




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